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11 Days Beautiful Scandinavia

11 Days Beautiful Scandinavia

Day 1 : Helsinki

once we land in Helsinki you will be guided to go to the city center for a city tour. You will get th chance to take a photo infront of Uspensky Cathedral, Senate Square, and Maket Square. After filling up your gallery in the city center next we will go to a unik place called The Rock Church, it is shape like a flying soucerer and it was build on top of a another rock. And when the night comes you will have your dinner in your hotel, and you'll rest for the night in your hotel too.

meals : Breakfast


Day 2 : Helsinki - Stockholm

Today you will be visiting Sibelius Monument, an art piece created by an artist from Finland, and its located inside the garden of Sibelius. And then after having a lunch you'll be guided to a pier to enjoy a beatiful diner and a night on top of the Viking Line Cruise heading to Stockholm, Swedia.

meals : Breakfast


Day 3 : Stockholm 

Early in the morning in Stockholm you'll be visiting the magnificent Stockholm City Hall. After that you'll get to enjoy the view of an old city in the heart of Stockholm called the "Den Gamla Stan", where you can take as many picture as you want. Then we will have our lunch break, after ouru lunch break we will be visiting Vasa Museum. Then you'll be guided to your sweet four star hotel to take a rest for the night.

meals : Breakfast


Day 4 : Stockholm - Karlstad - Hamar

Your journey today will go on to Norwegia, with a beautiful view along the road. The first city we will bee visiting is Karlstad, where you will enjoy your lucnh and take a little rest for a bit. Then the journey will continue to Hamar City, where we'll be staying for the night in Norwegia tonight.

Melas : Breakfast


Day 5 : Hamar - Flam - Gudvangen - Vossestrand

After a night stay in  Hamar we'll go on to visit a small town with the biggest and the most beautiful Fjord in Norwegia, called Flam. In Flam you'll be guided to explore around Sognefjord the biggest fjord in the world, using a cruise from Flam tu Gudvangen. Arived at Gudvangen you'll be escorted to a hotel in Vossenstrand City.

Meals : Breakfast


Day 6 : Vossenstrand - Bergen

today's journey continues towards the fishing town of Bergen, with its spectacular harbor views and the old harbor with colorful warehouses. Then you will be invited to the highest peak of Bergen, namely Mount Floyen, using a cable car. In the evening you will have your free time to fully explore the fish market, and you'll get to try the finest sushi with fresh salmon or with a fresh sashimi.

Meals : Breakfast


Day 7 : Bergen - Hardangerfjord - Geilo

today you'll continue your journey to enjoy the Fjord which is also no less beautiful than the previous cities or town we've visited. In Fjord you'll get to see the beautiful and magnificent Norheimsund Water Fall, you can also get behind the waterfall and take photos there with the amazing view of Norheimssund Waterfall. Passing the Hardanger Bridge and visiting Norsk Natural Center, and enjoy the night there in the city of Geilo.

Breakfast : Meals


Day 8 : Geilo - Oslo

After your breakfast in the hotel in Geilo, you'll be invited to visit the capitol city of Norwegia, Oslo. upon arrival in Oslo you will be invited to take pictures in front of the Oslo Opera House, Karl Johans Gate, City Hall, and Royal Palace. after that you can enjoy dinner and rest at the hotel.

Meals : Breakfast


Day 9 : Oslo - Copenhagen

this morning you will be escorted to tour around Vigeland Park, a park in the center of Oslo, decorated with over 200 sculptures by Norwegian artist Gustav Vigelan. Then you'll have your free time to explore Oslo and food for your lunch in Oslo to. After a day in Oslo you'll be excorted to enjoy your dinner and sleep in a cruise heading to Copenhagen.

Meals : Breakfast


Day 10 : Copenhagen

Today you'll arive at Copenhagen City, the Capitol of Denmark. This will be your last day in Skandinavia, so take your time and enjoy the view in Copenhagen. Copenhagen has its own statue icon, the famous little mermaid statue. Then you'll get to take pictures infront of Gefion Antoni Fountain, Rosenborg Castle, and the Christiansborg Castle. Then after a day yin Copenhagen you'll be excorted to your hotel to enjoy your lunch and your rest.

Meals : Breakfast


Day 11 : Copenhagen - Doha

After breakfast you will be transferred to the airport to travel to Indonesia via Istanbul

Meals : Breakfast

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